I’m Kerry, also known as Krsna Kumari.  I’m leading an exciting existence of research, experimentation, travel, responsibility, spiritual development, nature care, writing, traveling and tweeting about topics dear to my heart.  These topics include Citrus Culture, Food Democracy, Sustainable Agriculture, Off the Grid Lifestyles, Spiritual Living, Respect and Aloha.

Agricultural science, Community development and Sales-marketing have dominated my work and developing perspectives over many years.  They are the ‘sacred three’ that frame my professional development and service to the world.

I am a supporting member of the Association of Applied Insect Ecologists and sit on the Western Region Board of the International Plant Propagators Society. I also communicate frequently on topics of Permaculture, Sustainability and Human Ecology.  I love to propagate rare and interesting trees, practice organic food production, and strive for continuous improvement in all things.  I hold degrees in Agriculture and Community Development from CSU Fresno and UC Davis.

California’s first Certified Organic potted citrus nursery trees were initiated by me, creating a profitable new income stream for Four Winds Growers [a California nursery].  While there (2006-2015) as e-Commerce Director, I  also expanded customer service and grew the company brand through active presence on all the major Social Media channels.

Proficiencies and Services

• Social Media Management and Community Development Services

• Writing and speaking on a variety of topics including horticulture, integrated pest management (IPM), Permaculture, orchard management, citrus cultivation, and relationship based marketing.

• Editing

• Video Hosting and Voice Over

• Growing stuff!

• Gardening Coach specializing in Ecologically Sound Solutions.

To be redirected to Social Media Resources for your Business, go to:

Jaya Social Media

For more information call Kerry: 916-704-6483


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