Sprouting Sweet Peas

I, and pretty much everyone I know avoids those bleached coffee filters that are used in the old fashioned drip coffee makers.  There are better ways to make coffee nowadays.

But old school bleached coffee filters do seem to have a higher purpose – for  sprouting seeds! In the past I’ve used bleached paper towels, and in this instance using some leftover white coffee filters I wondered, given years of non-attentive experience doing this, maybe there’s a reason to do this.  Could bleach residues in these products have a positive effect in staving off potential disease infection?  Even when the soaking/sprouting period has lasted weeks or months, it’s a method that has always worked well.  Even for long long time germinating tree seeds like carob or Bakul, I’ve rarely if ever lost seeds to damping off or other diseases.


In image these are sweet peas soaked overnight, then imbibing for another day or so under the moist papers, til I can get a place ready for them outside.  It’s the perfect time to plant Sweet Peas in the Sierra.   (too late for the valley)

Growing from seed is always a fun journey.  You never know what new things you’ll learn.  Please share, if you have experience or opinions on this!





Spin and the Art of Growing Locally

Here’s a short film recommendation.  Long a supporter of organic agriculture, and a graduate of Fresno State’s mainstream agriculture program in the 1980’s, I resonate with the individuals in this film who argue for re-centralizing food production – both practically and in the popular consciousness. It heartened me to see other former Aggies speaking out for a better use of the land, despite what the land grant colleges may espouse.  http://vimeo.com/5309127

There’s more support than ever for fledgling food producers. SPIN Farming offers helpful information and support for those who want to produce and sell food locally. It offers a blueprint for small scale yet commercially viable food production in neighborhoods and rural settings. www.spinfarming.com